National Board for Certified

Clinical Hypnotherapists

Benefits of Certification

Organizations that Refer people seeking a Hypnotherapist to NBCCH

The American Heart Association   The International Union of Bricklayers  The American Lung Association The American Cancer Society   The American Professional Insurance Agency The Psychotherapy Networker The American Counselor Association   Various  state licensing boards   Many company employee assistance programs, Labor Union assistance programs, hospitals and community mental health clinics throughout the U.S.


To Read what your colleagues who are certified by the National Board for Certified Clinical  Hypnotherapists have to say about the benefits of being certified Click Here .




· Potential Clients. NBCCH receives dozens of requests daily for qualified hypnotherapists. Consumers contact us through this website, by email or by telephone. They find us through referrals from individuals, from various organizations including the American Lung Association, the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society and through the Internet. Consumers receive the names and phone numbers of NBCCH certificate holders in their general geographic area.


· Free Webpage Listing .  Each professional is entitled to a free listing on our “Find a Hypnotherapist” pages.  To check out the format for your free listing click here and browse the listing by state or continent.   Once you are certified you can e-mail your  information in the same form (2 paragraphs please) to to have it posted to the NBCCH Webpages. 


            Note:  Don’t use the request an application form to

             send this information.


· Low Cost Personal Webpage.  A custom designed personal Webpage can be obtained.  The fee for adding a personal web site is offered at a special low cost.  For more information about obtaining your Webpage, contact the NBCCH office.


              Phone:  301-608-0123



· Professional Liability Insurance through American Professional Agency (APA).  Certification by  NBCCH allows  professionals to obtain low rates for  malpractice insurance.         

      Unlike many other companies, APA covers the practice of

       clinical hypnosis. 

      To contact American Professional Agency.   Click here